nyc2Santos is 13709946_10209971693831913_1917278259110719381_na native New Yorker who has been living in Orlando, Florida since 2001.

He has written many essays, one play, lots of prose and a surreal biography. These last two words are contradictory since biographies are factual and based on reality. His is a bit different. It laces experience with a dash of imagination. New York City streets become protagonists in their own right. They speak of generations past, of horse buggies and Dutch merchants.

His writing style may be described as paradoxical, sardonic, humorous, and sometimes dark. Santos revels in storytelling and incorporating real-life characters into fiction. He is also an inveterate hoarder of trivia. His many interests include etymology, history, humor, film, physics, digital technology, social dynamics, geopolitics, Latin American studies, and economics.

He’s contributed to two newspapers, The Orlando Sentinel, and Caribbean Business Weekly. He also blogs regularly on his organization’s site, http://www.feedhopenow.org, focusing on social issues that deal with childhood hunger in Central Florida. Santos is a firm believer in life-long learning and understands the power of the written, as well as the spoken word.

He has attended half dozen institutions of higher learning in search of knowledge for knowledge’s sake. He continues to pursue wisdom by reading everything from recipes to parking tickets, and by attending classes at the University of Central Florida for what seems to be an eternity in dog years. As a survivor of homelessness, Santos has embarked on a quixotic quest to demonstrate the power of resiliency, determination, and even dogged stubbornness in his refusal to “go gently into that good night.” In May of 2015, he managed to graduate UCF; something he did to prove that one can indeed go from homeless to graduate.


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