Santos was born in New York City and can be described as eclectic in his tastes, travels and literary style. He has lived in Central Florida for 14 years and spends his time interacting with his community, his university and his family.

Born during the post war years of heady optimism, Santos went on to enter the world of publishing by working for an English language weekly business newspaper based in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

He is fluent in three languages and helped launch a popular women’s lifestyle magazine, Imagen, in 1987. Marisol Malaret, Puerto Rico’s first and most beloved Miss Universe, headed the editorial team. Today, Imagen is one of the best-selling Spanish language, women’s lifestyle magazines on the island.

Although interested in all things digital, Santos has a deep desire to write and has done so incessantly since his teens. The multi ethnic, polyglot milieu of New York City’s Lower East Side, planted viable seeds in his psyche and soul.

For the last seven years, Santos has worked on a mission to feed the hungry. His four-year ordeal with homelessness makes him keenly attuned to the needs of many of society’s faceless and forgotten members. Santos served as an advisor on the Central Florida Commission To End Homelessness and currently sits on the board of HSN, Homeless Services Network.

He has attended New York University, Valencia State College, The New School For Social Research, and UCF. He keeps a journal documenting homeless issues across the nation.


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