Alfonso Cuarón

Alfonso Cuarón’s, Y Tú Mamá También

Alfonso Cuarón was born in Mexico City in 1961. Three of his films have received Academy Award nominations: A Little Princess (1995),  Y Tú Mamá También. (2001), and the recent Children of Men (2006). Y Tú Mamá También makes a lasting impression on the viewer, of the evolutionary history of Latin America by way of the characters, their attitudes and the world around them.

Tenoch is the son of a former president of the republic, and is thus accustomed to a life of privilege. On the other hand, Julio has humbler origins. Julia, after discovering that her lover has been unfaithful faces a crisis in her life.

These three elements, embodied in two adolescents and a mature, if somewhat jaded woman in crisis, come together to generate a story that unfolds as a road trip, yet is symbolic of another type of journey; the journey of a people and a nation. The language, attitudes and actions of the protagonists serve to shed light unto the character of present day Mexico.

As they set out for the imaginary “Boca Del Cielo” beach – an idyllic setting that has been conjured up by the two adolescents in order to entice the sexy Luisa to accompany them – they travel through a countryside that is steeped in poverty, hopelessness, despair and corruption. The three characters seem oblivious and impervious to the dangers and the suffering,  reflecting the stark class distinctions to be found in today’s Mexico.


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